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Gabriel Carrier.HEIC
Gabriel Carrier
Contributing Writer

Financial Markets & Economics

Gabriel is a financial analyst who has a degree in mathematics. He specialize in financial modeling of credit risk of insurance companies.

Glenn Corey_edited.jpg
Glenn Corey
Contributing Writer

Financial Markets & Economics

Glenn Corey is a professional copy editor and a long-time observer of financial markets. He analyzes financial markets and macroeconomic trends from a socionomic/Elliott Wave perspective.

Emilio Barbosa_edited.jpg
Emilio Barbosa
Staff Writer

Economics & International Relations

Emilio is a statistics and mathematics student at UC-Davis. He enjoys traveling, and writing about economics, politics, and philosophy.

craig Orji_edited.jpg
Craig Orji
Staff Writer

Craig is a recent graduate from Michigan State University. He graduated with a degree in Economics and works as Teaching Assistant

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