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Will Biden Still Run in 2024?

It must be said from the outset that Biden’s election in 2020 was more of a reaction against President Trump than an election based on his actual policy proposals. Biden was elected because most people feared what a Trump second term might look like. President Biden is objectively one of the worst U.S. presidents. He has only done one term so far, but his term was not one of the best. His catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the soaring inflation and potential recession, the border crisis, and the personal gaffs have all contributed to a weak presidency. Many Americans view him as a one-term president, and some even go as far as saying that his presidency is a replica of the Carter presidency.

According to the Gallup data, only 41% of Americans approve of President Biden’s job, which is considered a low approval rating for a sitting president. In January 2021, when entering office, his approval rating was above 50%. The American people incrementally disapproved of his policies and management style.

Source: Gallup

One of the crucial political mistakes President Biden was to declare out loud at such an early phase of his presidency, his intention to run for a second term in 2024. In the eyes of the voter, the President was not working for the people but only for himself to maintain himself in power. Almost every U.S. president did not declare their intent to run so early in their presidency. Presidents will usually announce their intent to run for a second term maybe a year or nine months before the end of their term.

Beyond his track record which looks very unappealing, his potential candidacy for a second term remains problematic because of his advanced age. Indeed, President Biden is an octogenarian, and the American people are looking for new blood, younger candidates who can carry the torch of their respective parties. Moreover, President Biden became a political liability for his own party, and many potential contenders were waiting for the midterms to start showing their intentions to run for 2024. The new investigation of classified documents discovered in his house could be his downfall. Some theories have been developed around it, arguing that this new investigation was orchestrated by the Democratic Party itself to get rid of him. Whether these theories are true or not, it must be said that they do have merit because many prominent Democratic leaders have expressed their discontentment with President Biden’s leadership.

Source: Pew Research Center

President Biden is indeed old and his job performance has been rather disappointing, and his mental acuity has been more and more deficient. If President Biden forces destiny and decides to run against all odds, there is a very good chance that he will lose and leave the political scene through the back door.


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