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TJ Roberts: The rising star of Kentuckian politics

At each election cycle, whether at the federal, state or even local level, there is always a new figure who emerges on the political scene to shape things and make an impact. Among these new political figures is a young audacious and very self-confident man who decided to take his destiny into his own hands without waiting for anyone’s approval. This bold and assertive political figure is TJ Roberts.

TJ is currently running for office in his native state of Kentucky. He is seeking the state legislature. He is running for State Representative, House District 66. He has been officially listed on the ballot as a Republican candidate for the Kentucky House of Representatives, representing Boone County, the county from which he is a native. TJ received endorsements from prominent political figures such as the legendary libertarian presidential candidate Dr. Ron Paul, U.S. Congressman Thomas Massie, and America-First presidential candidate and multi-millionaire Vivek Ramaswamy. TJ is also endorsed by local leaders such as Savannah Maddox, Felicia Rabourn, Steve Doan, Gex Williams, Marianne Proctor, and the incumbent in his district--Steve Rawlings. There is no denying that TJ is on the path to a great political career.

Prior to running for the state legislature, TJ received his law degree from Salmon P. Chase College of Law and passed the Ohio bar exam on his first attempt in July 2023. He was subsequently sworn in as an attorney at the Ohio Supreme Court. While in law school, TJ was actively involved in law review and even argued appeals in the United States 6th Circuit, demonstrating his sharp legal skills. 

As a matter of fact, in 2020, TJ sued Andy Beshear—incumbent Governor of Kentucky and after Beshear banned worship, protest, and other civic activities protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments during the COVID lockdowns. TJ and his attorney, Chris Wiest, won the case against the Governor, which set an important legal precedent for similar cases across the country. TJ currently works for Chris Wiest, fighting for the constitutional rights of Americans.

This victory against Governor Beshear is not limited to its legal scope. It was also a political victory for Americans, and perhaps TJ's first major political victory as it illuminated him as a true fighter for individual liberty, which is a fundamental principle of the U.S. Constitution; a principle he vows to protect and defend in the State Legislature.

TJ’s political rise is surely no coincidence. He was very politically active from a young age, especially in the liberty movement. He strategically built his political network, surrounding himself with very prominent political personalities in the libertarian movement. What we see today is nothing else but the result of an ambition that was carefully nurtured over the years.

While TJ is running as a Republican candidate, he is philosophically dedicated to the cause of Liberty. He is an uncompromising pro-liberty political candidate. TJ is convinced that there can be no human flourishing without a high degree of individual liberty. Thus, his ardent opposition to government’s expansion is warranted. His platform for this election focuses on reducing government’s power in people’s lives by advancing stances such as school choice and parental rights, fighting corruption, and limiting the power of the executive branch.

TJ is a rising star in Kentuckian politics and he is not even thirty years old yet. Whether one agrees with his views or not, we must concede to him that he possesses a lot of political courage as he fights for what he believes is right.


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