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The DNC is pushing Biden out & paves the way for a new candidate

President Joe Biden is officially running for re-election. But the Democratic National Committee (DNC) does not seem to be embracing this idea. Joe Biden’s age is a real problem, and it has caused him to say and do some very embarrassing things during his presidency. Joe Biden won in 2020, not because he was the best candidate. He won because voters did not want Donald Trump, not because he [Biden] had the best policy proposals.

At the dawn of the 2024 presidential elections, the DNC does neither feel comfortable nor confident moving forward with Biden. His approval ratings have been low throughout his presidency. His approval rating started at 57% in February 2021 and then consistently nosedived. His approval ratings are now at 43%, according to the latest poll opinion released by Gallup. Biden’s approval rating is similar to that of President Trump, whose approval rating averaged about 41%. These alarming numbers on Biden’s performance push the DNC to look for an alternative candidate as he has become a political liability to the party. But how is the DNC pushing Biden out?

Liberal media outlets are using Hunter Biden’s legal issues as the main instrument to push Biden out. Indeed, a five-year criminal investigation was coming to a conclusion, with a plea deal announced last Tuesday that resolves the probe into the taxes and foreign business dealings of the President’s second son. Hunter Biden pled guilty to the misdemeanor tax offenses.

Beyond this, Hunter Biden has had serious drugs and alcohol issues, which tarnished even further the reputation of the Biden clan. These legal issues put President Biden in a serious political predicament, and it weakens the DNC in the eyes of the American public. As a result, the DNC can no longer afford to have Joe Biden as its frontrunner and main figure in the party. It looks for an alternative candidate. Who may that alternative candidate be?

Kamala Harris? Her approval rating is even lower than Biden’s. News poll showed that Vice President Harris hit a record low for net favorability. 49% of registered voters have a negative view of Vice President Kamala Harris, compared to 32% with a positive view. NBC News says Harris’ net-negative rating of -17 points is the lowest for a vice president in the history of its poll.

According to Newsweek, Vice President Harris is a drag on Joe Biden’s ticket for the 2024 presidential election. But if he were to remain the Democratic frontrunner, he would be forced to maintain Kamala Harris as his running mate for obvious reasons—identity politics, and the prospect of alienating a small fraction of the progressive base being chief among them. Realistically though, President Biden is well aware that she has very little to offer in terms of getting him re-elected. Moreover, Black women, who represent an important segment of the DNC voting base, do still support Harris despite her weak performance.

Gavin Newsom, the California Governor, seems to be that alternative to Biden and Harris. He is a relatively young (compared to Biden and Harris), attractive, and charismatic politician who appeals to the progressive base. Newsom did not make any public announcements regarding his political ambitions. When asked about a potential run for president in 2024, he replied: “Not on God’s green earth.” But we all know that he is eyeing the presidency. Gavin has been gathering support among progressives and liberals.

According to the Public Policy Institute of California, majorities of adults (57%) and likely voters (56%) of voters say they approve of his handling of jobs and the economy. 83% of Democrats approve of the way that Newsom is handling his job, compared to 55% of independents and 12% of Republicans.


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