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Joe Biden begins re-election campaign, and it is worrisome for moderate Democrats

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

President Joe Biden officially kicked off his re-election campaign for 2024 and it ought to be said that Democrats, especially moderate Democrats, are not pleased with their frontrunner. Indeed, the major problem with Joe Biden’s candidacy for his re-election is the age factor. Physically speaking, President Biden looks fine (more or less). He does not need a cane or a walker to walk around, although he had fallen a couple of times. But mentally, this is where all the problems are. President Biden’s mental and intellectual capabilities have substantially declined, and this decline could be seen in his speeches and press conferences. Recently, in a speech delivered in Connecticut, President Biden concluded the speech by saying “God save the Queen!” instead of “God Bless America!” It led to a media uproar. For conservative and liberal media alike, it reinforces their doubts about President Biden’s mental and intellectual abilities to run the country.

Hillary Clinton, the defeated Democratic nominee of the 2016 election, also claimed that Biden’s age was a serious issue for his reelection, and that it could cost him the presidency in 2024. If Democrats are well aware that his age is an issue, then why did the DNC agree to make him its frontrunner? Because they believe that Biden will be strong enough to either beat Trump or DeSantis. First, Democrats are banking on the hope that Trump’s legal issues will knock him off the race. Second, Democrats will label DeSantis as a right-wing extremist who is about to strip minorities (LGBTQ+, Blacks, women…etc.) of their rights.

The first official rally of his final campaign will be a moment for Biden to underscore recent economic policy implementation that undergirds his argument for another four years in the White House. Biden’s agenda for 2024 remains the same. Increasing taxes on high-income earners, increasing government spending, expanding welfare programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and SNAP; and proliferating the concept of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

President Biden is ideologically center-left. But his policies are more aligned with the progressive ideology than the center-left. For progressives like Bernie Sanders, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and Elizabeth Warren, this is good news. But for moderate Democrats, this is a real problem because it takes the party further Left. Bernie Sanders believes that Biden shall go even further and nationalize the healthcare system, and increase the federal minimum wage to $17 an hour.

According to The Guardian, the launch of his re-election campaign gives him plenty of opportunity, and obligation to meet voters on the campaign trail this time, generating spontaneous moments that can be both a blessing and a curse given his history of verbal blunders.

Biden’s age is a real concern for moderate Democrats because the fact that he no longer has his full mental capacities to make decisions to align the party to the center-left, presents a political boon for the far-left to further its agenda. In other words, President Biden is becoming a puppet of the far-left, and moderate Democrats are losing control over the party.


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