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How this African immigrant who started from nothing is living the American Dream in Dallas, TX

Many Americans have lost faith in the American dream. However, this dream, which is the essence of America, is alive and well, especially for those who know how to seize opportunities.

And this was the case for this African immigrant from the Ivory Coast, an extremely determined and firm believer in the American dream, who succeeded in realizing this dream, and continues to pursue it.  This immigrant is Paul Loubao, a Dallas-based real estate investor, entrepreneur, founder and CEO of PCL Housing Commerce, LLC.

Who is exactly Paul Loubao though? It has to be said that Paul's beginnings in the United States were extremely difficult. But prior to immigrating to the world's greatest country, Paul had studied finance and accounting. Indeed, he graduated from ESG Paris with a degree in Finance and Accounting in 2012 while working as an accounting partner. He subsequently entered the financial industry as a senior accountant, internal controller and financial advisor.

After more than seven years' experience in the finance industry, Paul decided to try his luck at living the American dream by immigrating in 2016 on a student visa to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree (MBA). He barely spoke English and has one of the heaviest accents ever. He obtained his MBA two years later from Oklahoma Baptist University. After graduating, Paul decided to relocate to Dallas, Texas, which was a very risky gamble, knowing that he didn't know a soul in the city. He had to scratch from, and English was still a major obstacle that he had to cope with if he wanted to make a life for himself. He has to find the means to survive. There, Paul realized that capitalism was not a game, and the need to survive was mounting to its zenith.

To make ends meet, Paul found a job in the insurance industry as a sales insurance agent in 2019. The early days were extremely difficult, as he had to deal with constant rejections and objections from customers. There were times when paying the rent became seriously daunting. However, his resilience, determination, and drive to succeed made all the difference. His hard work to become the best salesman in his department  earned him the top earning agent spot in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area, consistently earning between $20,000 and $30,000 per month in commission.

After two exhaustive yet fruitful years in the insurance industry, Paul believed that it was time to go on his own. That means, not only starting his own company, but starting it in an entirely different industry: Real estate. Thus, he founded his real estate investment company, PCL Housing Commerce, LLC. He brokered real estate deals in residential and commercial real estate, then quickly made a shift into the commercial industry. He now operates solely out of PCL Housing Commerce as a private Business Broker. He provides financial services such as comprehensive business valuations and aids companies in their endeavors to sell their business & commercial real estate or acquire new businesses, commercial real estate, and business investments.

Paul recently closed a $2.8 million commercial real estate deal in Arlington, Texas.  His work is entirely "off-market", meaning that all deals brokered are kept private as each business being sold or acquired could potentially lose current profits if the sales were to be publicized. Moreover, Paul's new mission through PCL University is to help people living in the US  start and understand how to invest in real estate. He is providing a training course and mentorship program.


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