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America needs a CEO for president, not a career politician, and Jamie Dimon could be that CEO

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, a tycoon in high finance and the boss of the largest and most successful bank in the world, has declined any presidential ambitions for 2024 so far. In fact, the financial tycoon has been approached multiple times by prominent individuals about a potential run for the presidency. Denying political ambitions does not mean that he is not showing any interest in the matter. On the contrary, Jamie Dimon may not be a politician, but he is very astute in public policy. What would America look like under the leadership of a man like Jamie Dimon?

During his interview with British journalist, Zanny Minton Beddoes, Editor-in-Chief of The Economist, Jamie Dimon emphasized the need for America to invest in heavy security. More importantly, he argued that if president, he would apply economic and diplomatic strategy to strengthen America’s leadership in the West and around the world.

Jamie Dimon has exhibited a very patriotic behavior when talking about America. He argued that Americans shall be proud to be the most advanced nation in the world since we have all the resources humanity needs, which are available to us. Mr. Dimon highlighted that America shall remain the leading nation of the free world since it has the means to protect the West against the rise of authoritarian regimes.

Moreover, when asked how different “Dimonomics” from would be “Bidenomics,” he stated that his economic policies would lean more toward free enterprise. This means that he would mostly apply supply-side policies. It suggests then that Mr. Dimon would prioritize the deregulation of the economy, which means cutting tax cuts, lowering interest rates, loosening government regulations, and creating more flexible conditions for labor markets by deregulating businesses to increase corporate earnings.

Mr. Dimon also attacked Bidenomics from a purely economic perspective. He argued that the Biden administration spent more than $5 trillion over two years, which is considered excessive spending, and the result of this excessive spending was inflation. He further argued that the Biden administration has done a terrible job in key sectors such as immigration, taxation, mortgages, affordable housing, and healthcare.

It is crystal-clear that Mr. Dimon has a clear vision for America. But the banker stated that he was not suited for the presidency. He, however, avowed that he was not opposed to serving in an administration. The reason why he is not opposed to one day serving in an administration is because of the strong love he has for his country. He believes that being one day involved in politics is quintessential for him as a means to preserve American values.

Will Jamie Dimon make a good U.S. president? His economic stances will surely make him a good president because his policies would help boost the economy tremendously. Supply-side policies are designed to stimulate economic growth by letting the market free from government constraints.

His stances on international relations are also very convincing. Mr. Dimon seeks to maintain American values by promoting national pride and reinforcing its position as leader of the free world. Some, however, opposed Mr. Dimon’s bid for the presidency. They argued that he has no prior experience in government, and he is a wealthy businessman who might be out of touch with the concerns of ordinary people.

While Mr. Dimon will not likely run for president, America would have been strong under his leadership.


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